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We can help you move any size of home or business across town or out of state. Call Carolina Moving Solutions for a free quote at 843-307-9004.

Moving is a difficult task to tackle whether you are relocating to a different state or are just moving across town. You may be expanding your business into another region or state or may be moving for college. Our professional movers can help regardless of the reason why you are moving or the size of the task.

Local And Long-Distance Moving Considerations

Many people learn what can go wrong when you try to move everything yourself. Self-service moving companies may overbook their fleet and leave you with no moving truck or the wrong size of trailer on your moving day. When you need to be out of a leased building on a certain day, this could leave you with hefty fees for not vacating on time. If you rent a truck, it may break down. The company may charge you extra for additional days. Also, many companies charge people extra for dents or other damages that they may not actually incur during the move. In the end, the total often winds up being more than the cost of hiring a professional moving service.

long distance moving

Benefits Of Professional Movers

In addition to eliminating the problems listed above, you gain the peace of mind that your moving day will be much less stressful. You have the option of professional packing and unpacking services, and you have the assurance that your items are safe and insured during transit. Also, you do not have to worry about injuring yourself if you let our movers handle all of the lifting.

Our rates vary depending on whether you are moving locally, to a neighboring state or across the country. Also, our rates are based on the volume of belongings that need to be moved. Please contact us to discuss your needs and preferences, and we will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote.