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Reliable Commercial Movers in Florence

Our professionals are here to help you move your business whether you are upgrading to a larger space or downgrading to a smaller one. We have years of experience and offer competitive rates. Our movers are trained to handle any size of task and any type of office equipment.

Commercial Moving Considerations

One of the biggest losses associated with commercial moving is damaged or broken equipment. Many business owners try to save money by hiring movers who lack experience or care. In many cases, the cost of replacing broken or damaged equipment is greater than the cost difference of hiring a cheap mover versus the cost of hiring an experienced professional company. Not all movers are familiar with office equipment. Our professionals know how to safely and properly move these items and more:

commercial moving
  • Computers, printers and electronics
  • Office chairs and desks
  • Large office furniture
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Some industrial equipment
  • Inventory items

Why Hire Us?

By hiring a company that stands behind its work, you get the assurance that your items are moved with the utmost care. We are reliable and will not cancel your services the day before your move as some non-professional movers often do. Since our company also provides packing services, you can save yourself and your staff time that can be spent on tasks that earn you money instead of cost you money.

Our movers will be happy to discuss your needs and concerns with you. To ensure availability, we recommend calling us as far in advance as possible to make a reservation. However, we will do our best to accommodate short-notice requests as well. Please call for a free quote.